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David Jones


  Coaching: Level 2 Coach

  Leadership: Sea Kayak Leader Award

  Personal Performance:

    3 Star Sea Kayak

    3 Star White Water Kayak

I started mucking about on the water in a homemade plywood canoe on the Thames in Oxfordshire in 1998. When I moved to Devon I still had my homemade canoe, but fairly swiftly moved on to kayaks and eventually sea kayaks.

Although I have done white water, my preference is for sea kayaking. I just love paddling the coast. I usually manage to get out at least once a week and keep going through the winter. Have been a member of Totnes Canoe Club for a couple of years. This year I am helping to coach the Intro to Sea Kayaking course.

My personal qualifications include Sea Kayak Leader Award and 3 Star White Water Kayak. My coaching qualifications are Level 1 and Level 2.

Equivalent new British Canoeing Award = previous name:

Canoe and Kayak Coach (Sheltered Water) = Level 2 Coach

Sea Kayak Leader Award = 4 Star Sea Kayak

Sea Kayak Award = 3 Star Sea Kayak

White Water Award = 3 Star White Water Kayak

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