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Alison James


  Coaching: White Water Kayak Coach (Moderate Water)

  Leadership: 4 Star White Water Kayak Leader

I started kayaking in my early 40s and joined TCC shortly after, finding a wonderful group of friends to enjoy wet weekends with!

White water kayaking has become a passion, a fantastic way to leave behind the daily grind, get fresh air and see lots of nature. When there has been no rain and the rivers are empty, I’ll find my way to the sea and either explore the coast or do a bit of surfing.

Kayaking has taken me to Wales and Scotland, and further afield to Slovenia, French Alps, Nepal, Georgia and most recently wild camping/kayaking in the Altai region of Siberia.

I am a White Water Kayak Coach and 4* Leader and facilitate trainings such as Outdoor First Aid and White Water Safety and Rescue courses.

Equivalent new British Canoeing Award = previous name:

White Water Kayak Leader = 4 Star White Water Kayak Leader

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