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Before You Book

If you are not already a member, please purchase your membership at:

If using a phone or laptop, please scroll down, as not all the options may be visible on your screen at first sight.

NB If you have not used our website before, you will need to click on Log In/Sign Up and request to become a site user (this is free of charge!). Once approved, you can buy your membership. 

Once you have purchased your membership, please go to, fill in your Basic Details, Emergency Contacts and Medical Information pages. This will speed things up enormously when it comes to booking your courses. Existing members: please update your personal information for this year if necessary.

To Book a Course

All our courses are advertised, booked and paid for via our website.

If you are booking places for two participants, you will need to complete a separate booking for each.


To find out more about each course and to book a place, click on Book Now.


Under “Select course participant”, select name from the drop-down menu. 


This immediately brings up a page with your Basic Details, Emergency Contacts and Medical Information already filled in (see “Before you book” above). If you haven’t already provided this information, you will need to do so at this point. Since a booking is not confirmed until payment has been successfully completed, your place may be taken by someone else in the meantime.


Scroll down this page and click on “Confirm details correct”. The page will disappear and you can click “Add to cart”. 


After clicking “Add to Cart”, your Shopping Cart will pop up and you can continue to Check Out. 


You will then receive a booking confirmation email, plus a longer email with practical information about your course. 


One last word: Please be patient with our site – pages can be slow to load, particularly at times of heavy traffic.

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