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Jerome Shapland



    White Water Kayak Coach (Moderate Water)

    White Water Award Provider

    Level 2 Coach

Leadership: 4 Star White Water Kayak Leader

Personal Performance: 3 Star Open Canoe

I started my paddling through Sea Scouts in Lyme Regis. I learnt to paddle rivers and the sea almost entirely on my own by being dropped off at the start and collected at the end (it was a different era!).

After University I had a long break from the sport, but came back to it around 1997 when I moved back to the South West and joined Totnes Canoe Club around 2000.

In 2008 a group of us put together a proposal to open a Junior section within the club, up to that point 14 years old was the youngest the club would generally accept onto courses. My motives weren’t entirely selfless as I had a 6 year old son keen to paddle, and a 2 year old also being introduced to the world of paddle sports.

The committee agreed and I started my coach training so I could contribute to the club in that capacity. Since then I’ve progressed my coaching qualifications so I can now offer coaching and assessments on white water.

At the moment I’m trying out different ideas for keeping our growing number of highly proficient and keen junior paddlers engaged in the sport throughout the year. I’ve got some thoughts on the subject, but always open to suggestions.

For those interested in my cover photo…reasonably recently I’ve branched out into paddling OC1 and OC2 white water spec canoes, which are tremendous fun, and a good way to introduce people to water more challenging than they perhaps would normally paddle.

Equivalent new British Canoeing Award = previous name:

Canoe and Kayak Coach (Sheltered Water) = Level 2 Coach

White Water Kayak Leader = 4 Star White Water Kayak Leader

Canoe Award = 3 Star Open Canoe

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